How to Order

Bobobie website doesn't support direct online shopping at the moment.  Customers need to order via email.

This is the process of making an order at Bobobie Doll Mall:

1. Please email Bobobie customer service what dolls and items you wish to order, your shipping address and contacting phone or mobile number, and your Paypal email.  Bobobie's customer service email is

2. Bobobie CS will answer your email and inform you the price of the doll you order and the shipping fee.  Then Bobobie will arrange dolls production.

3. When the dolls are made ready for shipping, Bobobie CS will take photos of the dolls to you, and send you Paypal invoice. 

4. When the invoice is paid.  Bobobie will ship the dolls to you and inform you tracking number. 


When you have any question, please feel free to ask Bobobie customer service:

Bobobie Paypal email is


Thank you!

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